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Red Warrior and its companies are a part of the creative, entreprenural efforts of Ronald D. Pate, Chickasaw. Red Warrior has projects in Film, Television, Resorts, Gaming, Print and Web. If You Have A Business Project, We Can Help.

Growing up in a bi-cultural household (First Nations and Irish) has been a joy and a challenge. My father’s strong influence on me, as a Chickasaw warrior himself, has made me the strong and compassionate leader that he hoped I would become. And it is for his influence in my life that I am most thankful. It is this background which has enabled me to work with hundreds of native tribes, chiefs, officers, and elected officials throughout North America. My travels in Canada and Mexico working with First Nations peoples have also given me a unique perspective on business success. Business success, whether in gaming or in life, is predicated on solid relationships, and is built on trust and performance. Business success is also about integrity, honesty, and above all a willingness to work with people from all walks of life. Success in Business, from a Native perspective, is best framed in the success of the group. If everyone succeeds, we succeed..

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Coming Beach Resort



Red Warrior Entertainment was created in 2009 for the purposes of pursuing creative projects with enduring Native Indian themes. Red Warrior Entertainment (RWE) has as its vision to: Craft Our Own American Indian Entertainment Image for the World. Thus becoming Chief of Native American Themed Entertainment Products Worldwide.

Our entertainment products include Film, Television, and Gaming and will expand to Talent, Art, and Native Music Industries. Currently 99% of all Native Artists are unemployed due to the small number of jobs for them in Television and Film. We intend to change this statistic. RWE has continued to develop its products for creation and distribution. Red Warrior has had its offerings before BNSF, Sony, PBS, Best Buy, and Cable Media. Our Gaming entertainment include a flagship Red Warrior Casino project in Europe.

Resort & Gaming

Red Warrior's Partners like WATG, AVISTAS, ERASE, and VANTIV make us a strong and viable industry candidate for development in this market sector. We are currently working on projects totalling $2B+ in value creation in multiple market sectors.

Web & App

Red Warrior has multiple website and web development projects completed. Ronald D. Pate is a national award winning Graphic Artists and continues to pursue his web development passion. If you have a multi-stage Web and App development, we can help.

Film & Television

Film and Television roles for most Native people are scarce. Red Warrior Film and Television Slate development continues as we develop Genre Based Film projects which are Market Driven and Native Themed.

Commercial & Print

Our creative skills in Commercial and Print Development can help your company produce quality in its Ad development. We have experience with the top Hong Kong Printers and can develop full National Commercial Spots for your company's branding and identity worldwide.

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Who we are?

At Red Warrior Entertainment we desire to craft our own entertainment image while becoming the #1 Recognizable American Indian Entertainment Brand worldwide. To this end we provide services in Film, Television, Print, Magazines, Gaming, and Events. It is our desire to keep and maintain our Native identity, integrity, and dignity, while maintaining the best in entertainment value.

A warrior is challanged to assume responsibility, practice humility, and display the power of giving, and then center his or her life around a core of spirituality." - Billy Mills

Ronald D. Pate, Chickasaw

Mr. Pate, is Indian Principal at Red Warrior Entertainment. Currently he is also the Founder/Chief Business Development Officer at Inanovation, Inc, a global Lithium Battery Corporation leading the field in Innovative NanoGreen Solutions in the battery world. With 24 years experience in organizational management including supervision, organizational and leadership development, and fund-raising for profit and non-profit organizations, he has a proven record in managing multi-million dollar budgets and has participated in multiple $100M startup projects. He is familiar with the most prominent Native American Tribes, and associated business, trade, and political organizations.

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Don June, Navajo
Casino COO

19 years Leadership Experience in Casino Management including supervision, organizational and leadership development, and fund-raising. Proven management experience in Starting, Building, Designing, and Operating Gaming Businesses for multiple tribes. Including: Managing and operating as Corporate Commissioner (CEO) of three gaming facilities for Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Tribe. Properties include Palace Casino Hotel, White Oak Casino and Northern Lights Casino Hotel & Event Center. Also managed and operated Leech Lake Gaming and Supervised the construction of Northern Lights Casino Hotel and Events Center. Also managed Grand Casino Mille Lacs, Ho-Chunk Casino, De Jope Bingo, and Rainbow Casino.

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Kolby Tuck
Creative / Producer

Dallas-based producer who has an extensive career in acting, writing, and performing as a musician. He has been recognized for his acting on the local and state level. “I’m enthralled with this one epiphany: every single person has their own set of eyes, ears, lungs, nose, mouth and heart that they experience the world with every single day. So to share a story through a set of eyes that others have not peered through is inspiring to me. That’s the passion that drives the many sleepless nights, the enduring days, the heartbreaking and golden moments that happen with the art of film. The day we stop striving to go outside the box and reach past our boundaries is the day we stop doing ourselves – the world – a favor. Film is revolutionary because one piece of film can change the world. And I feel that it’s my vital responsibility to continue to share those stories for everyone to discover.

Brooke Ninowski
Creative / Editing

Dallas-based producer, and Emmy Nominated TV Writer who has worked for Daystar Television Network, Cloud Nine Productions, University Media Productions, and independent productions of her own. She won best director and best picture awards for individual films created at Oral Roberts University. “I’m drawn to the medium of film because it is truly limitless how a story can be told. Change a nuance of music here or a shadow of light there and you’re telling a whole different story. A film is a strategy – from the opening shot all the way down to the final word. So with that in mind, I can’t just throw some clips together – I want to use every element at my fingertips to build and tell something greater. Watching everything come together for a bigger goal is what makes this art so appealing to me.”



Best of Business - Graphic Arts
National Best of Year

National recognition in Graphics Design for Business in Web and Print for our work related to web and Print media in the North Dallas region.

Our Skills


We code websites with many satified clients.


We have skills in Color Correcting and finishing.


Design Build Operator with skills in all areas of development.

Funding Design

Planning, Storyboarding, Budgeting, Post


From The Blog

We have many exciting projects coming on line in 2014 from Theatrical, Resorts, Gaming, Web and Feature Entertainments. He is a short dip into the Red Warrior sphere of influence.

As important as project are to us, we look to people to make things happen. People are the most creative element to any successful projects. The Teams Red Warrior brings together represent talented people from many disciplines. We are looking forward to having a bold year full of creative movement and freedom!

Office Possibilities
On: 11.18.2013, Tags: office, people blog

Red Warrior is currently raising funds for new office in the Frisco area. Great for our employees, Frisco offers a true quality of life for our creative talent. This building: Panther Creek on Preston is a good fit for our needs, but is one of three places we are currently considering.

New Gaming Projects
On: 10.18.2013, Tags: gaming, Indian Gaming blog

We are ecited by this year's new gaming opportunities. From the Caribbean to Canada, Red Warrior's team is moving forward. If you need more inforamtion on our Gaming Services, we would be happy to speak with you.

Our Resorts are perfect for you indeed.

We are thinking of you while we plan and build our resorts. We want your experience to be not just enjoyable, but we want your experience with us to be a memory of a lifetime.


Our Beloved Clients and Partners

We so very much appreciate our partners and clients. Working with you to create great stuff is what makes business exciting!


Contact Us

We value your time and look forward to connecting with you. If you have a creative project that you would like a free consult on, drop me a note. We will take care of you like you deserve.

Get in Touch.

The fastest way to get in touch with me is through email. We are a small shop looking to move into our new offices shortly, so drop me a note and we can get together.


Located in the North dallas Suburb of Frisco. Phone: ( 214 ) 407 8026 Mail: info@redwarriorentertainment.com

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About Red Warrior Entertainment

Red Warrior Entertainment is an American Indian Owned Company with interests in Web, Film, Television, Gaming, Resorts, and Advertising.

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